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Franz Krojer

Die Präzision
der Präzession
Illigs mittelalterliche Phantomzeit aus astronomischer Sicht

492 Seiten
ISBN 3-00-009853-4
26,00 Euro

One example. In a recent essay by Illig[2] he accuses one of his critics, Franz Krojer[3], of only wanting to defame him, refusing to even listen to Krojer's arguments because Krojer would be more interested in the defamation of Illig than using astronomic facts to analyze Illig's findings. Krojer's web site is called »defamatory« – yet the only defamation taking place here is commited by Illig himself Krojer's writing is devoid of all the emotional rubbish poured out by Illig, it is a solid approach to use scientific findings to test Illig's theses, and Krojer seems to succeed in disproving Illig. This is not defamation but science. Anybody interested in the truth would be interested in such a kind of argument.

[2] Heribert Illig. »Erfundenes Mittelalter – furchtbare oder fruchtbare These?« Skeptiker 14, 2001. 70-75.

[3] http://www.dbs.informatik.

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